Warlock and Boobs MODT [v0.343.0.2] Overview:

This Mod adds cheating options to this game, so far the most used game variables can be changed + you can rename the MC and some of the girls. I also added some music tracks which can be played with a kind of jukebox function (“QuickMusic”).

Updated: 2021-09-26
Game/Creator: adultgamesapk.com favicon Warlock and Boobs APK Download/ boobsgames Patreon 
Modder: Tarel8649 Patreon 
Mod Versions: v0.343.0.2
Game Version: v0.353
Language: English

Warlock and Boobs Mod Changelog [v0.343.0.2] :


Of course with new stuff!

- Little animation of Alice dancing
- Alice's "thank you" scene now takes place in her home. 
(Below I explain how to get the extra scene).
- Snu-snu chamber has been added to the continuous world.
- Compatible with elpax's gallery mod


Details of the modified scene:

Is a small "thank you" that Alice gives us after dedicating the whole day to her.
(Only active on Friday... after "Topless friday")

To get to see the scene we must spend the whole day with Alice.
(Details in the form of an spoiler, Although I think it's not that difficult to get it if the details)


- Have MODT active.
- Have enough relationship points with Alice to be able to activate the scenes in the tavern "The Stone Dragon".
- Have activated the "Topless friday".


On Friday mornings you can help Alice with laundry or cooking at home.
That same Friday you can flirt with her in the tavern or ask Carla for a lunch. And that same Friday evening you must ask her to dance.

To apply the mod you must decrypt the game, the following link tells you how to do it:


Unzip the mod files and place them in the corresponding game folders (some files must be overwritten).


To activate the mod, talk to the sign with an admiration symbol on it.
(It is located next to the tavern “The Stone Dragon” on the map “Mountain Village”.)

To deactivate it talk to the sign again.

If you load a save in “Mountain Village”, you have to exit the map and re-enter
(e.g. enter the tavern and return to the village).


If you did everything correctly, the scene will be activated after finishing the dance.

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warlock and boobs adult games mod

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