Warlock and Boobs Gallery Mod [v0.350.2] Overview:

Gallery mod for 0.350.2 made by elpax.

Updated: 2021-09-19
Game/Creator: adultgamesapk.com favicon Warlock and Boobs APK Download
Modder: elpax Patreon 
Mod Versions: v0.350.2
Game Version: v0.353
Language: English

Warlock and Boobs Mod Changelog [v0.350.2] :

How to Use:

• Click blue ball in the basement.


• It can harm your save so make backup or start new game.
• If you load a save in your home, leave first or it won't work!


• All switches are respected now (gay, preg, futa etc.). You can manage them at the top of the room.

Automatic (unmodified games):

• Extract the mod into the game directory, so that it looks as follows:

warlock and boobs gallery mod

• Windows 7+: Run the included ‘install.ps1’ script (right-click, “Run with PowerShell”)
• Older Windows versions/Wine: Run the included ‘install.bat’ script. The only difference is that it has worse error reporting.
• If the console shows no errors, you are done.

• Extract ‘Game.rgss3a’ (found in the game folder) using a tool like RPG Maker All Decrypter.
• Copy the extracted files back into the game folder
• Delete ‘Game.rgss3a’ (or back it up somewhere)
• Extract the ‘Data’ folder from my mod into the game folder and replace any existing files.

Screenshots:warlock and boobs apk download

Warlock and Boobs Gallery Mod [v0.350.2] Links:

Installer (and instruction) made by wboiko in this post.