The Twist Cheat Menu Plugin [v1.0.6] Overview:

This mod adds a cheat menu to the game, and includes helpful utilities, see Features.​

Updated: Mar 12, 2020
Game/Creator: favicon The Twist APK Download
Modder: dsconstructor
Mod Versions: v1.0.6
Game Version: 0.51 Beta 1 Cracked
Language: English

The Twist Cheat Mod Features & Installation [v1.0.6] :


LeftClick = change value by 1 or 0.05 (for int and float respectively)
Shift+LeftClick change by 10 or 0.1
Ctrl+Shift+LeftClick change by 100 or 1.0
Filter by variable type using: type:VARTYPE, ie: type:int
Dump Current - Save game logic to a SCENENAME.dmp file for the current scene (saves to: .\TheTwist_Data\...) as plaintext.
Dump All - Attempts to load and dump every scene in the game, (this might take awhile depending on system specs)
Can take up-sampled screenshots (by rendering it at a higher resolution), maximum size is dependent on hardware capabilities.
None of the GUI elements are rendered when using this method
Prompts for a value when the game does a random roll, this is what decides who visits during the night scenes etc (requires knowledge of Scene Dumps to use effectively)
Increases the speed that the text is written to the dialogue box during scenes to near instant
Keep the game running when not in focus

• Extract to the root of the game folder.

the twist cheat menu plugin

Screenshots:the twist apk download

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