The Higher Society Illustrated Walkthrough Mod [v0.10] Overview:

Hello! I wrapped up quick walkthrough mod for this game. Game is very good so far and deserves more attention! Enjoy

A lot of choices have no effect, they are not marked in any way. Choose at your discretion. Only important choices are marked.

Updated: 2022-10-24
Game/Creator: favicon The Higher Society Illustrated APK / xxerikxx Patreon 
Modder: nevermoreXX Patreon 
Mod Versions: v0.9
Game Version: v0.10
Language: English

The Higher Society Illustrated Mod Changelog [v0.10] :


+(Minor fix, one of characters names was interfering with color mod)
+(Included .rpyc files per request) no other changes.
+updated to 0.8.1
---Note: There was one.. .odd choice so i removed it altogether. I think everyone knows what that choice was. U wont miss anything , dont worry.
+Update to 0.9
+Unlocked gallery
+transparent text mod (remove y_outline files if you prefer with texbox)
(minor typo error fix renpy notify)
+Update 0.10

Install: Extract to “game” folder, overwrite when prompted.


the higher society illustrated translation pack

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