The Genesis Order Cheat Mod [v2.0]Overview:

This Mod is a Cheat mod for the The Genesis Order. Give yourself extra money, add idols, figurines and talismans of all quality or add chest keys to your inventory. You can also change the default outfit for characters. If there are other additions you would like to see let me know. Not going to add key items or materials as it will most likely break the game. Simply interact with the left bedside table in your room to bring up the menu. Updates posted a week early on Patreon​

Updated: 2022-10-08
Game/Creator: favicon The Genesis Order APK Download/ NLT Media Patreon 
Modder: Jong Games  Patreon 
Mod Versions: 2.0
Game Version: .45101
Language: English

The Genesis Order Cheat Mod Changelog [v2.0] :


• Version 1.1 Updated to latest game version
• Version 2.0 Added New outfit change feature


• Money, Talisman/Idol/Figurines and chest key cheats . Option to change characters default outfit

Outfit Changing:

I've added a new feature this update, it's still in beta as I'm not sure how well it will scale. It allows you to change the default outfit for people, so when you talk to them you can choose how they will look. This does only change the DEFAULT outfit so if characters are wearing different clothing in a scene they will still where that other clothing. I've noticed it can also cause people to stay naked after a sex scene until you change the outfit, not a massive deal though. If you don't like it or its bugging out for you just select the reset outfits option and that will put it back to normal.

Go into the game folder www>data . Extract or copy the mod files into this folder replacing the old file.

Replace the map028.json and common events file wherever that is stored normally under www>data in the game folder

Basic concept is the same, you need to replace the old files with the new ones. The easiest way I’ve found of doing this is using “Apk editor pro” selecting simple edit , then under assets>data you should find the files. You’ve then have to remove and reinstall the application for the changes to take affect.

Do not use the mod on any game version newer than the one listed. Latest Versions are available early on Patreon


the genesis order apk download

the genesis order apk download

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