Summertime Saga Naughty Tribute Mod [0.20.13-1.01] Overview:

I just want to share my Summertime Saga Naughty Tribute Mod. If you’ve been brought here and don’t really know why, this is the place to:

  • discuss problems or features
  • get support
  • download the most recent version
Disclaimer: The files in this mod come “as is” with no warranty whatsoever. Feel free to use and/or modify them without restriction. If you modify the files or this collection to create or distribute your own mods, you should make it clear (e.g. by your disclaimer) that there is no longer a relation to this original distribution where your modification was made from.

About this mod:

This mod has been created from DarkCookie (Kompas Productions) original Game Summertime Saga APK Download:

I am not related to the original game or the development team in any way. If you like their game and use my mod, I strongly suggest supporting them on patreon.

None of this mod would have been possible without the original game in the first place. All the artwork and coding this mod is based on is owned by DarkCookie (Kompas Productions).

What this mod does/does not

  1. This Summertime Saga Naughty Tribute Mod is meant as a fan tribute to the original game, sticking to the original as much as possible.
  2. This mod will not alter/modify/extend the original story line in any significant way.
  3. This mod alters some of the artwork and coding of the original game:
  • to be more naughty.
  • to get smoother animations.
  • to correct functional and logical bugs.
  • to enable some disabled features.
  • to increase immersion.
  1. This mod will attempt to fix any bugs to the original game, if you give a reproducable example and attach a savegame here, if possible.
  2. This mod will improve game mechanics (minigames, menu, navigation etc.) to make the game more enjoyable.
  3. This mod provides support for online translation.

Check the readme to see more details! The readme can also be accessed via in-game menu.

Summertime Saga Naughty Tribute Mod [v0.20.13-1.01] :


- Anon can now watch the Captain and Sara's happy ending.
- Sounds during new Odette Sugar Tats blowjob cum scene.
- Added missing translations to the German translation pack (needs to be downloaded separately)


This mod requires the original Summertime Saga of same version to be installed.
Other mods may only work if they are not modifying the same files as this mod does.
Save files from Summertime Saga of same version should work. It is recommended to save the unmodded game while the main city map is being displayed, close the game, and then install the mod and load the save.
The mod has been reported to be compatible with the Incest mod. However, Community Translations do not work together with the Incest mod! This has nothing to do with the Naughty Tribute mod but has technical reasons because the Incest mod introduces a new artificial language. Community Translation would not know about the Incest mod's language, therefore both cannot exist together. Ask yourself: how should a Community Translation to language XY work together with an Incest mod that is written in language EN which is not XY? There is no universe where this can happen.
Community translations work, but of course only for the text that comes with the original game. Some texts may not be translated.

There are no known game breaking problems or issues not also present in the original game. It may be that, after installing this mod, the game may crash on first start because not everything is compiled yet. In this case, just start it again. Ensure that no other mods are installed.

This mod is tested on PC (Windows) only! For other options, see below.

This mod requires the original Summertime Saga of same version to be installed. Take care if you have other mods installed (not recommended). Other mods may only work if they are not modifying the same files as this mod does.

It is recommended to save the unmodded game while the main city map is being displayed, close the game, and then install the mod and load the save.

This archive contains the following files and folders:

Naughty Tribute Mod Readme.txt

Note: In case that when running the game with the mod installed, you only get to see the loading image (presplash.png, showing Roxxy) and nothing else ever happens, delete the presplash.png file.


For mod installation, extract the complete archive into the “<Summertime Saga>\game” folder so that it contains all the files and the folders listed above. Overwrite files and folders that already exist. To be safe, always do a clean install (install game fresh, then mod, without keeping old files).

Start the game. If it crashes at first start, try again once. Ensure that no other mods are installed.

Note: you should install clean, i.e. delete all files from previous versions of the mod before. In case of doubts, install the game new, and then install the mod.

Note: only install matching mods, i.e. the mod and game must be of same base version (e.g. mod version Version 0.18.6-1.0 can only be installed with version 0.18.6 of the game).

Note: It is also possible to install the game on Android and Mac. To do so, install the original game, run it once, and then copy the extracted files and folders contained in the archive, and install optional content if wanted. Caution — this is not supported in general, but works for the devices mentioned below.

Note: In case you encounter memory errors, it is recommended to install the 4GB patch for 32bit executables from NTCore. Please download the tool from their site and apply it to the file <installation folder>\lib\windows-i686\SummertimeSaga.exe (note: do not apply the patch to the <installation folder>\SummertimeSaga.exe).


  • “Contents/Resources/autorun/game”


This time, with Android 11, Google messed it up to near completion. It is no longer allowed for any app, including the Android internal file manager, to access the android/data directory. Therefore, the below description is only valid for Android <= 10.

  • Tested to run on Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 8.0.0, and Samsung Galaxy S20, Android 10.
    • It may be that the following paths do not have to contain “/sdcard” at the beginning (use “/Android/data/…” instead of “/sdcard/Android/data/…”).
  • Install mod (directories, plus the files, as listed above) to directory: “/sdcard/Android/data/com.kompasproductions.summertimesaga/files/game”.
    • If that folder does not exist, run the game once. If still not present, create it manually.
  • Install optional content (directory game_overrides) to: “/sdcard/Android/data/com.kompasproductions.summertimesaga/files”.
  • Put your saves and persistent into “/sdcard/Android/data/com.kompasproductions.summertimesaga/files/saves” if required.

This reddit thread describes the problem and some possible solutions with Android 11:

It appears that some file explorer apps available now support writing to the Androidd/data directory. I verified this with Root Explorer, which allows access even without actually requiring root. In case this no longer works in the future, you may try the following workaround, also described in that thread.

In short:

  • Download the app or a similar app that lets you make shortcuts.
  • Move the files via drag&drop
  • This may be tricky because you cannot easily navigate during that action!
  • An easier approach would be if you can connect an external keyboard and use CTRL+X and CTRL+V

Don’t blame me, blame Google!

Naughty Tribute Mod List of Features

Increased Naughtiness

  • New/naughtier sex/cumshot animations for every girl.
  • Smoother penetration and retraction animations.
  • More explicit after-sex images and scenes.
  • The action continues after sex for most scenes.
  • Modified the new cumshot and x-ray animations to be less comic-like and more transparent.
  • Increased dick size in new x-ray scenes.
  • Dripping creampies, animations are smoother and less robot-like. Those options can be configured in the mod’s configuration menu.
  • X-ray animations, sloppy seconds and pregnant sex for some girls.
  • What if… during sex, playing scenes in alternate environments or with alternate girls.
  • Sound effects before, during and after sex for many characters.

Scene Modifications

  • Ivy cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are animated much smoother, and she will get a surprise afterwards.
  • Unlocked new scene for Anna. Visit her again after you completed Erik/Mrs. Johnson quest.
  • Unlocked new scenes for Cassie. Visit her again and she no longer thinks that she does not know you well enough.
  • Added a new ending scene for the Diane boobjob option. The one you’ve been waiting for.
  • Naughtier Jenny telescope scene (Mia).
  • Give Jenny a slapping during dining room sex!
  • Pregnant sex for Jenny, Eve, Grace, Odette, Consuela, Josephine, Tina, Iwanka, Liu and Nadya.
  • Second camera angle during Maria’s storeroom sex scene.
  • Sloppy seconds for Maria, Josephine and Becca’s bedroom scene.

Added Immersion

  • Summerville lives:
    • Most characters have blinking eyes.
    • Most girls are breathing in newer scenes.
    • Most characters are moving their lips while talking in newer scenes.
    • Fireworks on New Year’s Eve and 4th of July — seek out a high place, wait til dark and enjoy the show!
    • Smoother daytime transitions, with afternoon and midnight ambient lightning.
    • All those options can be configured in the mod’s configuration menu.
  • Roxxy and the girls now have a nice fire going at the beach.
  • Fire burning during Eve’s roof top party.
  • Small additional animations here and there.
  • Jenny stays naked if so chosen during camshow sex.
  • Added sprites at trailer park main map (Crystal, Clyde, Roxxy, Dogeek, trailer foreclosed) and beach entrance map (bikini contest, Roxxy and the girls) if present.
  • Animated videos playing on TV in MC’s living room.
  • Added some ambient sound effects (knocking, splashing etc.).
  • Optional: Peanut-like Wah Wah sounds during dialogs.

Story Bug Fixes

  • Corrected some clothing/undressing glitches in some scenes.
  • Yumi can now be asked about Harold’s whereabouts when parked in front of MC’s home.
  • Cannot start second part of main story while Harold is still missing since this would lead to some inconsistent situations.
  • Many other corrections (see change log).

Game Mechanics

  • Configuration menu with live preview and sample images.
  • Skip the age verification screen. By installing this mod, you confirm to be of legal age.
  • Enabled pre-splash screen so that you know what program you are about to start.
  • Enabled mouse wheel to roll back (use with caution — may cause instabilities!). Restricted this so that mayor status changes like time and location cannot be skipped. Also there is no roll forward since this seems to cause problems. Users should use fast forward instead of roll forward.
  • Removed the toggle fast forward function from TAB key and assigned fast forward (without toggle) to it. Otherwise, it would keep fast forwarding after some dialog options. This option can be configured in the mod’s configuration menu.
  • Moved Jenny pregnancy minigames to the end of intercourse so that the action is not disturbed.
  • Enabled skip minigame (cheating) option to most minigames. No need to cheat, though: you can still master them normally. Also, this option can be customized in the mod’s configuration menu.
  • Complete inclusion of story hints in MC’s phone (Debbie, Miss Dewitt, Miss Ross, Terry and Daisy).
  • Added a link to the Summertime Saga Wiki Walkthrough pages in game menu (ESC).
  • Added miniature icons for characters on main city map, to make them easier to locate. Appearance and timeout can be configured in the mod’s configuration menu.
  • Added character names as tooltip (see miniatures above).
  • Introduced a new parameters to customize that, configurable in the mod’s configuration menu.
  • Font size and say screen transparency can now be customized.
  • Mute sound and music, blacken screen and show a neutral goodbye message upon exit. You know why.
  • Introduced a “Default Name” button for the file save dialog, which automatically adds some recent state information to the save’s name.
  • Option for dressing/undressing Consuela and Diane during sex actions.
  • Added scenes that MC missed due to story branching decisions to fantasize about in bedroom (masturbate option). Does not require them to be unlocked in cookie jar.
  • Alternate screenshot naming (configurable in the mod’s configuration menu).
  • Adds support for online Google translation (currently on Windows only).

Android Compatibility

  • Swipe right to start skipping.
  • Swipe left to rollback/stop skipping.
  • Swipe down for game menu.
  • Back button for rollback.
  • Swipe down-up-down-up to open console (not of much use without suitable keyboard).
  • Swipe up for screenshot, if enabled in the configuration menu.

Game Bug Fixes

  • Added a feature for loading/repairing of corrupted saves. This can be controled by configuration parameter LOAD_ERRORHANDLING.
  • See changelog.

Optional Content (found in separate archive)

  • Some girls will wear high heels during sex.
  • Eve has found her lost nipple piercing, but may have lost her lady shave.
  • Alternate sounds for some girls.
  • Other options available as well, and may be added later.
  • These options can be configured in the mod’s configuration menu.

Screenshots:summertime saga naughty tribute

Summertime Saga Naughty Tribute Mod Download [0.20.13-1.01] Links:

Note: only install matching mods, i.e. the mod and game must be of same base version (e.g. mod version Version 0.20.8-1.00 can only be installed with version 0.20.8 of the game, and only mod versions 0.20.08-*** can be used with that game version). No amount of asking will change that, not now and not in future!

Summertime Saga Naughty Tribute Mod CONFIGURATION:

Easiest way to configure the mod is via the green configuration menu found in the mod’s readme screen, reachable via main menu (click on the “Naughty Tribute mod” link showing the version number) or the game menue (right mouse click, or swipe down on Android):summertime saga naughty tribute mod

The Configuration menu is hierarchically organized and displays the list of currently configured options, their current value and the origin of that value.

summertime saga naughty tribute mod

You can click on an option to bring up the details menu, where you can change the value by clicking on any of the allowed values. This allows the new value to take effect immediately in most cases. However, some options require a re-start (which will be indicated by a yellow message). If called during an animation, you will be able to view the effect directly in the background.

The configuration will be saved to ” Summertime Saga Naughty Tribute Mod Config.txt” automatically as soon as a change is made. In case of errors, this will be indicated by a red message.

Note for Mac users: Mac OS prevents the “Naughty Tribute Mod Config.txt” file from being saved by default due to missing authorizations. It has been reported to be solved in the following way (use this on your own risk):

– Go to: [Security & Privacy] which is found in system preferences.
– Go to Full Disc Access. Unlock the setting to edit. and click on add.
– Select and add the SummertimeSaga app.

Mind you this should only ever be done with software you, personally, trust.