Summertime Saga Additional Lines Incest Mod [v0.20.9-2.2]:

OVERVIEW: This mod improves the experience available via the incest patch. The mod changes screenplay lines to restore as much as possible incest relationships as originally designed, before being rewritten out of the game by Summertime Saga’s developer in submission to Patreon’s will of not allowing incorrect fantasies on their platform.

IMPORTANT: If you encounter lines you think I might’ve missed, take a screenshot, attach it to a reply in this thread and I will consider your input for the next mod release.

Base/Modded Game: favicon Summertime Saga APK Download
Mod Developer: Sothyr (with special thanks to Keitaro420 for his help)
Mod Language: English
Mod Release Date: 2021-04-06
Mod Version: 0.20.9-2.2

Summertime Saga Mod Changelog [v0.20.9-2.2]:


- Few more sentences, now should be everything covered, I hope. :)

1.   Install favicon Summertime Saga v0.20.9 in new directory
2. Install Lewd Patcher incest patchv0.20.5 for the base game installed at previous step (The Lewd Patcher is also attached to this post, till it is available again on Lewdpatcher)

[epcl_box type="notice"]Note: This mod improves upon what Lewd Patcher incest patch already offers so the latter is required[/epcl_box] 3. Copy mod file “additional_incest_stuff_patch.rpyc” in Summertime Saga’s “.\game” dir
4. Note: In theory this mod should work with many past/future Summertime Saga versions. In practice it’s known to work with the Summertime Saga version & mods as recommended above.

[epcl_box type="notice"]It shouldn’t matter but I will also note this mod was developed with Naughty Tribute Mod installed[/epcl_box]

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