Summer Memories Plus APK Download Complete Guide [v2.03]:

Basic Gameplay:

Interact with your aunt and cousins to raise the affection bar (pink), do their minigames to raise the homework bar (blue). Affection stops every 20 points and can only progressed after the corresponding event happened. So the affection must be at 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 and the homework bar at 100 for an event.

To do the minigames click on the pencil icon on the bottom of the screen. The icon only appears when you are in the right room (kitchen, Yui’s room, Rei’s room) and only if the corresponding girl isn’t sleeping, on the toilet or in the bath. For Rio you need to catch bugs and/or fish.

At the end of each day (diary screen) your memories will be converted to skill points, use them to buy skills. Each girl needs a certain amount of affection before you can have sex with them. The game will tell you when reached that point.

Click on the player/boy image at the lower left screen to open a menu for items, load, save and so on.

Click on the lettering for the time of day (morning, afternoon etc.) to skip to the next period if you have too many action points but nothing left to do.

Trigger Affection Events:

No real conditions, will happen automatically after filling both bars for every level.

Again no real conditions except at affection 100 it’s sleeping with her.

At affection 20 you need to sleep with her at least once to see the event with your uncle, after that you’ll get an event the next afternoon. At night go sleep with someone else.

At affection 80 sleep with her.

For her leak event get your lust at max to cum in your pants, after the event where she finds your soiled underwear you need to sleep with her but you MUST TALK to her at night instead of just choosing to sleep with her.

In case you fulfill the conditions for multiple girls the game’s priority goes:
Yui -> Rio -> Miyuki
So if you want to focus on Miyuki first to get the necessary events for the vacation events make sure the other girls aren’t maxed.

Threesome & Foursome:

To get the threesome skill you need to be able to have sex with Yui and Rio. Then while having sex with one of them max out the alertness of the other and you’ll get an event.
If you see a bomb icon appear next to their face on the right they hear it and already have high alertness. But make absolutely sure that the alertness of the other girl is much higher than Miyuki’s alertness. If you get caught be Miyuki before having unlocked threesome it will be GAME OVER. Same goes for your uncle, make sure he’s not at home or has a much lower alertness than everyone else cause if you get caught by him it’s GAME OVER.

While having a threesome max out Miyuki’s alertness and you’ll get the foursome skill. Unlocking threesome but not foursome will lead to the threesome ending. Unlocking foursome will lead to the foursome ending. So if you want a specific girl for the ending don’t unlock them.

Foursome is needed for some status events

And again make sure not to get caught by your uncle even after unlocking foursome. So once you unlocked the foursome skill I strongly suggest to activate the silence skill while having sex if he’s at home.

Status Events Miyuki:

Miyuki Lewdness 100:
You need to sleep with her, the next morning you wake up early and start to fuck her tits. She will wake up too and will gladly help you finish.

Miyuki Lewdness 200:
You must have foursome unlocked. You will fuck her in the living room at morning with her daughters watching.

Miyuki Service 100:
You will get a blowjob on the couch in the living room at night right next to your sleeping uncle.

Miyuki Service 200:
You need to sleep with her. You will start to fap while sitting on her in the middle of the night, she will wake up and will gladly help you finish with her mouth.

Miyuki Perversion 100:
You will have anal sex on the toilet at evening with lots of pissing.

Miyuki Perversion 200:
She will slip into her old school uniform at afternoon and then you will have anal sex with lots of pissing.

Status Events Rio:

Rio Lewdness 100:
You will have sex in the bathtub at night.

Rio Lewdness 200:
You must have foursome unlocked. You will fuck her in the living room at afternoon with her mother and sister watching.

Rio Service 100:
You will get a handjob at afternoon while playing videogames.

Rio Service 200:
You will get a titjob at evening while she is wearing a waitress uniform.

Rio Perversion 100:
You need to sleep with her and then you will fuck all night in the living room.

Rio Perversion 200:
You will have outdoor anal sex at evening with some pissing.

Status Events Yui:

Yui Lewdness 100:
You must have foursome unlocked. The day will start with both of you fucking until Miyuki calls for breakfast.

Yui Lewdness 200:
She will ride you at evening while wearing her gym uniform.

Yui Service 100:
You get a blowjob under the desk at afternoon.

Yui Service 200:
You will get a rimjob at afternoon.

Yui Perversion 100:
You have sex on the toilet at evening with some pissing.

Yui Perversion 200:
You will have anal sex on the toilet at afternoon with lots of pissing.
Since there are still people who don’t know what to do or how to trigger certain events I compiled a more in-depth summer memories complete guide for this. This is NOT a step-by-step walkthrough.

Summer Memories Complete Guide Side Characters:

summer memories complete guide


She will be there from the very first day. You need to visit the store at least once and talk to her to start her quest. Write on dwitter everyday starting from august 8 until you see a picture with the teddy bear, then go to her shop and click on the bear. Write on dwitter once more the next day and you should get a message that she will retire, after that immediately go to her shop and talk to her.

Starting on august 3 keep playing that game of summer memories complete guide in the park with the kids. After defeating Menta he will run away. You’ll find him at night in the park two days after defeating him.
Keep going there at morning or afternoon and play once a day four times until she appears at afternoon the next day. The minigame will start automatically this time but it will be different since Menta will battle her. When it’s his turn keep clicking like crazy on his image in the middle of the screen.
The next day she will be alone in the park at morning and afternoon. Play the game with her, but no matter what you do you will lose. After that play once more but this time keep clicking like crazy on her image in the middle of the screen, this will make her miss her attacks and after a few turns she will wet herself and run off in embarrassment. Go to the park again the next day and repeat this.

Starting on august 10 go to the school at morning or afternoon and talk to the sport teacher. Just do the running minigame 4 times and it’s done.

Starting on august 16 she will be at the mountain. Sell her at least one bug and fish of each rareness level and it’s done.

Starting on august 18 she will be on the rear part of the beach. Do her fishing minigame 5 times and it’s done.