Rogue-like Evolution Expanded Mod [v0.984h] Overview:

It expands the existing content by adding more clothing, sex options and locations as well as an additional character (Mystique). It also includes an expansion of the Modded version originally created by SLDR which allows you to quickly and easily adjust each girl’s stat by dragging the stat bars at the top of the screen. Clicking the backpack icon gives you options to instantly gain money, stat points to level up and actions with each girl.

This is still the ultimate Goal of our Mod Project. However we had to do some changes because the Code was a nightmare and it did not work like we wanted it to. So we decided to split the Project up into two different Mods wich is a simple base Mod and our Extended Mod. For now we are working on finishing up with the Base Mod to get everything working properly. Then we will put more effort back in the Expanded Mod with all the good stuff. As of right now i have no exact date when we can bring the Extended Mod back. Yes it Sucks, but it was the only way to get everything right!​

Updated: 2020-05-01
Game/Creator: favicon Rogue-like Evolution APK Download/ Oni Patreon 
Modder: Pervy Rogue Patreon
Mod Versions: v0.984h
Game Version: v0.999d
Language: English

Rogue-like Evolution Expanded Mod Changelog [v0.984h] :


- Added fixes
- Added Laura's Doggy pose
- Added doggy pose variant to all of Laura's vanilla clothes and to her Alice dress
- Added Laura and Emma tanning events (choose sunbathe option at the pool with the girl there)
- Added mohawk hair for Rogue
- Added doggy pose art for old kitty lingerie for Kitty
- Added a new tailed version of kitty lingerie for Kitty
- Bugs?

- Added fixes to Mystique stats not updating/reseting correctly
- Added BJ and HJ for Mystique
- Added option to recolor Mystique's outfits
- Added white swimsuit and green swimsuit for Kitty
- Added glasses to Rogue
- Added Kitty's nighty
- Added Rogue's fetish and harness outfits
- Added Kitty, Emma and Laura harem outfits
- Added transparent fetish outfit for Rogue
- Added Rogue's harem outfit
- Added Laura's Alice outfits
- Added Laura's Sports (red black and purple blue) outfits
- Added small event if you train at the danger room with Laura while she's wearing the Alice outfit
- Fixes


Base Mod
- The Base Mod will only add Basic features to the Game, like build in Cheats, new Clothes and new Poses for the Girls and Mystique!

The Extended Mod (Coming Soon)
- The Extended Mod will feature much more stuff, like new events, locations, clothes and of course more girls!

Base Mod:
– Download Base Mod and Patch
– Extract Base Mod somewhere
– Merge folder game from Patch with folder named game from Base Mod (Path on mac: Rogue-Like/
– When asked to replace the files, choose yes.
– If you are not asked for replacing files you placed them on the wrong folder

Screenshots:rogue-like evolution expanded mod

rogue-like evolution expanded mod

rogue-like evolution expanded mod

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