Project Myriam Gallery MOD – Life and Explorations [3.04a] v1.011 [GB] Overview:

This is a gallery mod and will allow you to replay scenes you have already viewed. Other scenes will be locked until discovered. I did remove the static images section of the MOD but can add them back if wanted.​

Updated: April 4th, 2022
Game/Creator: favicon Project Myriam APK Download / Zorlun Patreon 
Modder: Geekbone Patreon 
Mod Versions: 1.011
Game Version: 3.04a
Language: English

Project Myriam Mod Changelog [v1.011] :

Version 1.011:

Added 2 new scenes

Drop extracted folder into main game directory.

Screenshots:project myriam gallery mod

Project Myriam Gallery MOD [v1.011] Links:

Please Note: The MOD is larger than most because I had to save and include images from the original, pre-censored version of the game.