Pale Carnations WT Mod [CH3UP4- Public] Overview:

Updated seigram’s Pale Carnations Mod to CH3UP4 This was only supposed to be a one time mod. If seigram doesn’t update his mod within a week, I will continue with this mod.

Updated: 2022-10-19
Game/Creator: favicon Pale Carnations APK Download/ Mutt & Jeff Patreon 
Modder: LunarMist & seigram
Mod Versions: Ch. 3
Game Version: Chapter 4 Update 1
Language: English

Pale Carnations Mod Changelog [Ch. 3] :

Ch. 3

Note: I have updated seigram 's mod since he/she is MIA.
Note2:Since I have continued seigram 's mod which used images,
On some of the choices the images and text were overlapping,
that's why some choices have v-space(vertical space)
between the choice and the image so that it will be easier to read.
Note3 :Rewrote the whole script,fixed all the bugs and updated to public version
Just Copy and Paste the Files Inside the /game folder


pale carnations wt mod

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