Our Red String JDMOD [0.9FINAL.c] Overview:

Thread updated: 2021-November-18
Game | Creator: adultgamesapk.com favicon Our Red String APK Download  | Eva Kiss 
Modder: JohnDupont – Patreon – Discord
Mod Version: 0.9FINAL.c
Game Version: 0.9FINAL.c

Our Red String Changelog [0.9FINAL.c] :


- Minor change: Improved Save Description ;
- Minor change: Improved End of Chapter Saves ;
- Bugfixes.
In-Game Guide: The mod provides additional information to help you make the best decision.

our red string jdmod

Gallery Unlocker:​ ​ You can watch a scene even if you didn’t unlock it.

Rename:​ You can rename most of the characters.
Keybinds:​ You can use the keyboard to navigate through the game: 1. During choices, the number keys are used  2.Most screens (skill level up, new chapter…) require a right click to be skipped, they now include a timer. If you’re in a hurry, you can also press Return to simulate a right click.
Save Description:​ You can add a description to your saves.

Screenshots:our red string jdmod

Our Red String JDMOD [0.9FINAL.c] Download Links:


“When will you update the mod?”

I usually release content on Sunday and I sometimes post information about my progress on Discord. The last time I updated this thread early, it got deleted and I received a warning from F95 staff. Therefore it’s very likely this post isn’t up-to-date and the update might be available on Patreon.

“The game crashes when I open the game. Can you help?”

You need to delete your persistent data.
It’s a file named “persistent” that you’ll find in the following folder:

  • for Windows: %APPDATA%\RenPy\RedString-1574621830
  • for MacOS: ~/Library/RenPy/RedString-1574621830
  • for Linux: ~/.renpy/RedString-1574621830

“Is the current version of the JDMOD compatible with the new version of the game?”

The mod is forward compatible to some extend. If the mod is in its FINAL version, it will switch to the unmodded version automatically upon reaching the end of the modded content. If the mod is in its ALPHA/BETA version, it will work with the new version but won’t contain the changes. Since the BETA version contains mostly proofreading, I don’t usually release both an ALPHA and a BETA version but I release bugfixed versions when needed.

“I tried loading an old save with the new version and got the following exception: Couldn’t find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way.”. Can you help?

Because the script changes from one version to the next, there are compatibility issues with the saves. This isn’t specific to the JDMOD. With the JDMOD, upon reaching the end of a chapter, the save screen will appear automatically and it should be safe to save there.
Saves aren’t compatible between modded and unmodded versions.

The mod is forward compatible and will switch to the unmodded version automatically upon reaching the end of the modded content.