My Best Deal Walkthrough Mod [v1.6] Overview:

v1.7 (In Progress; ETA: 17hrs): I very much like this game and am looking forward to it’s development. I thought it’d be a shame if people just gave up on it because of saves or a walkthrough. So I made a basic in-game walkthrough that people could use.

Game/Creator: favicon My Best Deal APK Download   Pirot King
Modder: STJay
Game Version: v1.6

My Best Deal Walkthrough Mod Features [v1.6]:


While some answers seem color-coded, take them all with a grain of salt. Just because an answer choice is red, green, etc, don't immediately think it's a bad choice.
For some of the answer choices I listed them as "Fastest". I did this because the other answers don't lead to any impactful variables. This was mainly just for people who wanted to easily skip through the dialogue if they had to start over or something.
I added some QoL changes to see more scenes in one playthrough. I wasn't very consistent and did some scenes while leaving others alone.
Main reason for this is that I kept having issues with the translations. So for every scene where I let you see multiple at once, I had to manually translate the script. I'm a very green modder, and I didn't know whether there was an easier way to do it.
While anybody can use the walkthrough just fine, the QoL changes to see multiple scenes is in English. So apologies to those who want to use those aspects of the mod but read in a different language.
I added a way to toggle incest at the start of a new game if it's not already toggled.
If answer choices are left untouched, it generally means you can choose whichever you want.
Some answers actually triggered variables that may or may not become important in the future. So don't be surprised if I recommend an answer that seemingly does nothing.
I've attached 2 different styles of mod for you to use:
'unren': Use this one if you use the UnRen extraction tool. I would merge the game folders after extraction.
'base': Use this one if you don't use UnRen. Either merge the 'game' folders or take the contents of the mod's 'game' folder and put it into the original's 'game' folder.
I have found that by doing it this way, the language will not revert back to Russian even though you selected your language to be in English.
If you're still having language issues, please let me know.


Honestly there wasn't any real need for a WT update for this version. I did put some notes on answer choices that resulted in new variables, but those variables don't do anything as of right now. I did test the mod out on a copy of the game with and without UnRen, so it should work for everyone else as well. If you have any issues, critiques, and/or suggestions, please let me know.


I've built in a way to toggle incest to be on or off. It could be a lot cleaner, but I just wanted to do it quickly, so I just copied some code from another mod I made for a different game. In order to use it, you have to hit your "r" key. This will bring up an icon that, when clicked, asks you whether to toggle incest on or off. The icon will remain on screen until you hit your "t" key. The way I made the mod involves the quick menu. So if you have any other mods or files that affect the quick menu (y_outline.rpy for example), this mod will likely not work.

I’ve read a few posts discussing that a change of variables from one version to the next may affect whether your old saves are compatible with newer versions. When I make it so you can see multiple scenes in one playthrough, I add my own variables to make it prevent you from triggering something you’re not supposed to.

For example, if you’re on the Femdom Collins route, when I let you see the Control scene I make sure the game isn’t giving you “Control” variables so that it doesn’t mess something up in the future.

However, I cannot say for certain whether or not my introduced variables may cause save incompatibility for future versions.

TLDR: Use this mod at your own risk?

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