MetF Cheat Mod & Gallery Unlocked [Ch.2 / Ch.3] Overview:

Cheats to adjust Lust points.

Note: Use the cheat at your own risk, too many Lust points in some scenes can break the game. I’ve reduced the Max Points to 100.
Note: Since Ch.3 is still being worked on, increasing the points don’t do anything.
Note: If the Gallery images still shows blocked, just click the image and watch the scene, they are all unlocked.

Updated: 2022-10-24
Game/Creator: favicon MetF APK Download / Amaziri Patreon 
Modder: JokerLeader   Patreon 
Mod Version: Ch.2 / Ch.3
Game Version: Ch.3 v0.40a
Language: English

MetF Cheat Mod Installation[Ch.2 / Ch.3] :

PC/MAC: Replace/Merge with the “game” folder.

Screenshots:metf cheat mod

metf cheat mod

MetF Cheat Mod & Gallery Unlocked [Ch.2 / Ch.3] Links: