Lust Hunter Save Mod [v0.4.4] Overview:

Lust Hunter mod. Be warned, its just a mod who allow save everyone. the olde beta save theat still for patreon only gonna be replace with this one and hide Patreon Loggin as well. Use it carefull. I referedy for who are not patreon of Lust Medness and don’t like pay for save frelly werevere we please. With this mod you can do it.

Game/Creator: favicon Lust Hunter APK Download   Lust Madness  
Modder: Bloodborn Vampire
Game Version: [v0.4.4]

Lust Hunter Mod Features [v0.4.4]:

The mode save is been update. You can save vere you just when you are notat home. Just use the save modded to save wherewer you like. It work on choise as well. It my first mod. I hope I can do more in future if somone had the crazy ideo to put save sistem under paywall

Unzip archive and put the screens into game folder.

There are tow save file sitem “Save Modded” is the only can work for every playerif they desire to save everywhere.

Lust Hunter Save Mod [v0.4.4] Links: