Love Sex Second Base Gallery Mod [0.11.0] Overview:

A gallery viewer inspired by Lain’s Mod that has been abandoned. If you add scene feel free to share in the thread This mod is has much possible updatable for the scene All The Settings Get Auto Gen By JSON and the Gallery Load File Under The mod Folders​

Warning: There’s no UI for now

Updated: 27/12/2021
Game/Creator: favicon Love Sex Second Base APK / Andrealphus 
Modder: Anonymous50000
Mod Version: 0.11.0
Game Version: 21.11.1
Language: English

Love & Sex Second Base Changelog [v0.11.0] :

Compatibility Update (27/12/2021)

-Removed usage of persistent replaced by a class
-Made an UnofficialBugfix folder with on of the bugfix I made
-Changed loading method of settings.json and gallery_files to use renpy lib (Warning for now I don't know how to save them for people getting issue with loading)
-Fix an issue with reloaded page when moving slider

-Temp fix of gallery_files to made them using LF line ending instead of CRLF
-Removed init_persistent no more usefull
-Removed some unused var in the new class that replace persistent


-Background Explorer - DONE
-Gallery for characters - wip
-Replay Any Label
-(Don't Forgot That Scene Can Change With Settings Change)

Known Issue:

-Characters Are Nude By Default (Partialy Patched)
-Some Scene Request Activity Cancel That Make An Error
-Cassidy Date Gives Error
-Bar Value With Modifier Is Blinking (0.10.0 - Fixed)
-Harem Is Not Possible For Now(Partially Now)

1. Extract the archives in the game folders where the .exe is located
2. Run the game
3. On Main Menu Gallery on upper left corner

Screenshots:love sex second base gallery modlove sex second base gallery mod

Love Sex Second Base Gallery Mod [v0.11.0] Links:

Suggest To Restart The Game After Seeing A Scene Has It May Create Issue In Story (Mostly Fixed So You Can Try) New version make you need to call gallery_anonymous50000_end_replay to unpatch function. This update need you to delete old files