Jikage Rising Transformation Mod [v1.06] Overview:

Okay considering the lack of content in Act 2 as of right now, I’ve made a slight alteration to the script that uses the Transformation gimmick to allow replaying scenes from Act 1 at night. Don’t apply this patch until you’ve completed Act 1 and made at least 1 save in Act 2. Just place the extracted scripts folder inside the game folder, and delete the scripts.rpa already in the game folder

Disclaimer: Make a save before you apply this mod. Experimental code prone to bugs. Use at your own risk. This only works for v1.06a

Updated: 2021-02-11
Game/Creator: adultgamesapk.com favicon Jikage Rising APK Download
Modder: Deleted Member Patreon 
Mod Versions: v1.06
Game Version: 1.22d
Language: English

Jikage Rising Mod Changelog & Features[v1.06] :


• Kurenai Hinata finished!
• Hair color fixes
• Whole mod updated to new image format to match normal game
• Beginnings of new clothing added.
• More Stuff im more than likely forgetting!


• Hair Color Changes
• Ability to possess the girls and use them to corrupt each other at Ino Level 5
• Lots of new Dialog
• Reworked Scenes
• Ability to train the girls bodies

Just Copy and Paste into the games files, it should merge and be playable

OPTION 2 – and the easier option!
Download the fill game with the mod Preinstalled! Just extract like your playing normally!

Screenshots:jikage rising possession mod

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