It Was Raining That Night TheTeams Multi-Mod [0.3] Overview:

The daughter of your boss is head over heels for you while there are people in powerful positions that want to destroy you and your loved ones. Dive in and explore what’s stored for you in the bucket of fortune.

Updated: 2022-04-30
Game/Creator: favicon It Was Raining That Night / Deafpervs Patreon 
Modder: OscarSix Patreon 
Mod Versions: v0.3
Game Version: v0.3
Language: English

It Was Raining That Night TheTeams Multi Mod Features [v0.3] :

Key Game Features:

• This mod adds an in-game walkthrough for the important choices in the game It Was Raining That Night! - Credit: AdanGC Mods
• I've added a scene replay gallery to the main menu with all gallery scenes unlocked and viewable. - Credit: OscarSix
• A cheat menu has also been added which has cheats that allow you to maximize your stats. - Credit: OscarSix
• I've currently made a few improvements to some of the events in the game so that you will be able to see several missable scenes. Read the full list of improvements below to see all of the changes.

Game/Event/Scene Improvements:

• Added some improvements so you can see boths scenes in the first chapter and have the two paths of carol and lexi. Credit: AdanGC Mods

PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “It Was Raining That Night-0.3” folder.
MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “It Was Raining That Night” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge


it was raining that night theteams multi-mod

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