Degrees of Lewdity FireMod [v0.1.6] Overview:

This mod aims to improve some graphical aspects from degrees of lewdity. It’s a continuation of not-so-premium mod, which was the same but got abandoned. Pls tell me about any bugs here or at discord.

Updated: 2022-10-10
Game/Creator: favicon Degrees of Lewdity APK Download/ Vrelnir SubscribeStar 
Modder: fire2244 Patreon 
Mod Versions: 0.1.6
Game Version: 3.12.3
Language: English

Warlock and Boobs Mod Changelog [v0.1.6] :


- Updated to 3.12.3 game version
- Fix small bug with oral xray not displaying


- Some new xrays
- Can be installed with other mods
- Wiki for collaboration (in the future... check repo)


1- What is this mod about?
Answer: Replace/Add some new art to the game, check the change-log for a detailed description

2 - How can I install the mod?
Answer: The mod is a standalone, which means you don't need anything to install on the original game

3 - Do you planned to replace all those shadows with full bodies?
Answer: Idk, not atm

4 - Are there other mods?
Answer: Yes, and you can play online

5 - Is it possible to combine with other mods?
Answer: There is a tutorial I made for that

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Degrees of Lewdity x.x.x.html” to start playing.


degrees of lewdity firemod

Degrees of Lewdity FireMod [v0.1.6] Links:

OTHERS: Repository, Wiki