College Bound Walkthrough Cheat Mods [v0.6.07] Overview:

Here is my Walkthrough Mod with an option for Incest between the MC and (aunt) Lynda & (cousin) Jess. I will in the future have my normal style of cheat mods that will let you still be able to do the Summer Only parts when they become available in the game so that you can also do all the other girls that you want to do too.

For the Walkthrough part I’ve added extra context to the options when they make a difference in the game, list their achievements, whether it is to change a game switch or just extra dialogue that makes the game make more sense for the story. As for the incest part, it is optional and tweaks the storyline between the MC and both Lynda and Jesse that Foz had already mildly teased at the possibilities of them being family in their original storylines of them.

Updated: 2022-10-18
Game/Creator: favicon College Bound APK Download/ FOZ Patreon 
Modder: Lord Ashram Patreon 
Mod Versions: 0.6.07
Game Version: 0.6.08
Language: English

College Bound Mod Changelog [v0.6.07] :


• Updated for 0.6.07 content
• More Incest dialogue changes if Incest is enabled
• Went 1773
• Cheat: You can be Amber's Pimp

Artic Adventure:

• Optional Incest Route with additional dialogue
• List achievements and Unlocks
• A heads up when you are about to encounter a Hidden Image


Just extract the rar file in the same folder where CollegeBound.exe is, select YES when asked to overwrite files.:

To apply the mod you must decrypt the game, the following link tells you how to do it:

Unzip the mod files and place them in the corresponding game folders (some files must be overwritten).


To activate the mod, talk to the sign with an admiration symbol on it.
(It is located next to the tavern “The Stone Dragon” on the map “Mountain Village”.)

To deactivate it talk to the sign again.

If you load a save in “Mountain Village”, you have to exit the map and re-enter
(e.g. enter the tavern and return to the village).


Download link also includes a Walkthrough Mod for Artic Adventure! Only download the version that matches the game version you are playing.


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college bound walkthrough cheat mods

college bound walkthrough cheat mods

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