College Bound Gallery Unlocker [v0.6.08] Overview:

I made a Gallery Unlocker for College Bound (Universal)

Updated: 2022-10-18
Game/Creator: favicon College Bound APK Download/ FOZ Patreon 
Modder: Ripson Patreon 
Mod Versions: v0.6.08
Game Version: v0.6.08
Language: English

Shut Up And Dance Mod Installation[v0.6.08] :


Step 1: Go to game folder->renpy->common -> 00gallery.rpy

Step 2: Open the file using notepad and search for "if not renpy.seen_image(i):" under that line you'll see "return False". Simply change False to True and you've unlocked the entire gallery. Make sure you type True not true, the capital T matters.

Extract and move it inside te “Renpy” folder, I repeat the “Renpy” folder


college bound gallery unlocker

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