Chloe18 Back To Class Cheat Mod [v1.5] Overview:

This is a cheat menu for Chloe18 – Back To Class that provides tons of features that will help boost you through the game with more features planned in upcoming updates. This cheat will only ever support the windows operating system. If the game is updated you will have to wait for me to update the cheat, this will take a day or 2.​

Updated: 02/06/19
Game/Creator: GDS Patreon 
Modder: S0ul Patreon 
Mod Version: v1.5
Game Version: v40.1 Holiday Update
Language: English

Chloe18 Back To Class Changelog [v1.5] :


v1.5 - Updated for holiday update
v1.4 - Not available
v1.3 - Updated for v40.1
v1.2 - Updated for v37
v1.1 - Updated Cheat, removed day changer since it's been implemented into the game, added more features for patrons.
v1.0 - Cheat framework update


INFINITE MONEY - Locks your money at $100,000
INFINITE ENERGY - Locks your energy at the max
100% SLUT - Locks the meter on 100% slut
Max Fit - Gives you maximum fitness
Max Charm - Gives you maximum charm
Max Smart - Gives you maximum smart
Max Dancing - Gives you maximum dances
Max Taylor - Maximizes your relationship with Taylor
Max Kaoru - Maximizes your relationship with Kaoru
Max Otaku - Maximizes your relationship with Otaku
Max Maurice - Maximizes your relationship with Maurice
Set Morning - Sets the time to morning
Set Afternoon - Sets the time to afternoon
Automatic Update Checker on launch

1. Extract the folder anywhere on your PC.
2. Open the game.
3. Open Chloe18 Cheat.exe as administrator.
4. Enjoy!

Screenshots:chloe18 back to class cheat mod

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