Casual Desires Walkthrough Mod [v0.11/b] Overview:

The Walkthrough shows points in the choices. Mod was requested by Dars. As always if you like the game (Casual Desires APK Download) please show your support for the Dev, ionDivvy 


Note: If you want a Lesbian-only route, the Dev gave us that option, go to the preference and activate Extras: Lesbian Mode.

Casual Desires Walkthrough Mod Installation [v0.11/b]:

PC/MAC: Replace/Merge with the “game” folder.

Screenshots:casual desires walkthrough mod

Casual Desires Walkthrough Mod Download [v0.11/b] Links:

Unofficial Android Port of Casual Desires [v0.11b] + JokerLeader WT Mod:

Swipe Up : Save
Swipe Left : Roll Back
Swipe Right : Skip
Swipe Down : Hide
My android port has an alternative save location, the save will remain intact when you uninstall the game so don’t worry about starting over. And my port has a textbox opacity slider and text size slider here My Discord Server